Why Lease Kegs


• No long term commitments; just 18 months. On short term lease
• No required return freight/logistics, i.e. Extra Fees
• Company has own dedicated fleet with Keg Credit
• Screen printed company logo on each keg at NO charge
• You are in control of your kegs; no foreign kegs
• Tax advantage as payment is a deductible monthly expense as a lease
• Preservation of CapEx budget. Use your capital to grow your business
• Your keg cost is defined and never changes as long as you have your kegs
• Adaptability and flexibility during challenging economic conditions. Need kegs now, call us!! Too many kegs, simply return them …
• Peak-season supplementation to existing equipment
• Research and development. Keg Credit fleet keeps you in the latest technology
• Reduce your environmental foot print with reusable, sustainable packaging
• State of the art, up to date, and attractive packaging for your product; Improves your company’s image
• Maintain corporate borrowing ability as lease is off balance sheet • Improves ROA (Return on Assets Invested)
• New Kegs Everytime! No Maintenance!