About 5 years ago, we started Keg Credit® with the hope of just helping out a handful of breweries with their keg needs. Fast forward 5+ years and we are now providing our program to a substantial segment of the brewing business; and growing every day. To say the least, we are blown away on the growth your industry is experiencing. CONGRATS!!!
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Over the past 30+ years, we (Palmer and Robert) have literally grown up in the bulk stainless steel tank industry; which lead to  a perfect transition into the stainless steel keg industry. All we know is stainless steel containers! We have provided our  equipment, services, and knowledge to clients from the northern slopes of Alaska to some of the largest and smallest breweries  in the world.

Tyler La Clair, born an raised in Southern California, brings years of beers industry and retail management experience to Keg Credit®. As a former Territory Manager for a National top 20 beer distributor, Tyler provides in depth knowledge of both the  production and distribution side of the brewing business. He has even earned a certification from the Cicerone Program.

Finally, we are a 100% family owned business and commit to provide you the highest quality service and equipment at the lowest possible price under a simple, straight-forward lease with no surprises. We look forward to keep moving upward with you in this exciting industry.

As always, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

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